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2018 Schedule

Tuesday, 4 December

Day 1: Gathering and Grounding—Reconnecting with last year and the work done in preparation for this year


12:00 pm - Register, gather, networking

2:00 pm - Opening Plenary: Conference Opening. Welcome, safety, overview, purpose, structure, connecting, and schedule

2:45 pm - Connecting and continuing to build our community

Report from the Gen X group


Forward from the Founders and the state of the field today

Small group works

6:55 pm - Preview of tomorrow

7:00 pm - Dinner on Own

Wednesday, 5 December

Day 2: The Future of Organizations

7:15 am - Breakfast provided, gather, networking

8:15 am - Plenary: Hellos, morning comments, announcements, check-in on yesterday, overview of today, and focus of the morning


Summary of main themes from Day 1, discussion


Futurist Margaret Regan


Small Groups


12:15 pm - Plenary: Groups report out highlights and conclusions

Margaret responds and builds on groups report outs, plenary discussion, summary, and conclusions

1:00 pm - Lunch provided

2:00 pm - Plenary: Question: Given what you’ve said and heard in the past two days, what future directions do you see for the field? Specific topics include:

  • Values needed to sustain the field and the world for the future

  • Vision for the field in the future

  • What are the critical competencies needed for the new world?

  • What critical needs in the future should the field be preparing for now?


Small Groups work


Visitors and Spies—pairs from each group visit all other groups




Plenary, reports out, syntheses


Small groups learnings and reflections—what did you learn today?



5:50 pm - Preview of tomorrow


7:00 pm - Dinner on own


Thursday, 6 December

Day 3: Building /Designing the Field for the Future (bottom up)

7:15 am - Breakfast provided, gather, networking

8:15 am - Hellos, morning comments, announcements, check-in on yesterday, and overview of today


Question for small groups:  In order to realize these new futures, what needs to be done by organizations, groups, and individual OD practitioners?

Small groups record their ideas for actions


2019 Action Planning:  What are the critical next steps to bring this work to fruition? What do we do to make this happen, and when do we need to do so?

What should be the focus for the 2019 Gathering, and what do we need to do before then to make it happen and who needs to be involved?

Plenary - Reflections on the event

12:30 pm - Closing

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