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Developing the Organizational and Personal Self in 2020

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Frederick A. Miller, Judith H. Katz, Ilene Wasserman, and Yabome Gilpin-Jackson will be the staff for the Developing the Organizational and Personal Self (D/OPS) workshop to be held on in July 2020 in Montreal, Canada. For more information on the event or to be added to the mailing list.

The world we work and live in today is making unprecedented demands on us.

Work smarter, work harder, work longer. Balance work and life through a thousand

little hacks that get things done but leave us depleted and unfulfilled. What if

the answer to surviving and thriving in the complexity of life isn’t adding new

tools to our belt or strengthening our outer defenses or finding balance, but

instead delving deeper within ourselves? What if the key to being and engaging

in the world is in how we know ourselves and know our capabilities…and our


D/OPS is an opportunity to do just that. This workshop enables you to be more

intentional, effective, and joyful in how you lead your life and bring your best self

into focus. D/OPS can be a place to redefine yourself and see yourself beyond the

labels and roles placed on you by the world-by work, family, friends, and yourself.

Using group and individual self-exploration activities, this intense advanced

personal growth experience will guide you through greater self-knowledge and

choice in interactions with others. You will:

  • Gain greater clarity about the organizational and personal life you want and the steps to achieve those.

  • Take greater control of your boundaries and better understand the effects they have on being the person you want to be.

  • Understand the projections and transferences you make onto others.

  • Uncover and eliminate self-diminishing behaviors.

  • Identify personal values, strengths and qualities essential to becoming the self you most want to be.

  • Communicate more clearly, directly, candidly and authentically with others, and with yourself.

The event flyer is below!

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