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International Leadership Association’s 22nd Global Conference

Hi Friends,

I’m chairing the International Leadership Association’s 22nd Global Conference next fall in San Francisco, two days after the US national election. Theme: Leading at the Edge.

Please take a look at the 4 1/2 minute video I produced to convey our hopes and intentions for the conference—in it you’ll see three of us from last year’s gathering (me, Kendra Coleman, and Yon Na): I am hoping that some of you will choose to join me there and support my intent to spread even more of an OD flavor throughout leadership development theory and practice. We want to bring out the importance of developing a regenerative relationship to our planet, our home, and transform the dialogue on the huge challenges we face—and how we can lead in this through our teaching, practice, and research.

At the least, perhaps share your favorite ‘edgy’ quotes with me! After seeing the video, a colleague in New Zealand, Chellie Spiller (who is the Maori Associate Dean of the University of Waikato Management School) wrote to say that she opened the first chapter she ever published with two quotes about the power of the edge. She shared with me this from Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi “The power of the edge is one of today’s most compelling ideas. It is based on a biological metaphor and will have a dramatic effect on the way we all think about change.”

Come talk with me in Baltimore about how we can meet there next year, on the edge, especially since we aren’t planning on meeting again in Baltimore!


Kathryn Goldman Schuyler

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