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OD Essence, Critical Needs, and Vision (ECNV) Circle of Work Update

The Circle of Work on OD Essence, Critical Needs, and Vision (ECNV) has made significant progress!

The Team Leaders (Chris, Olga and Melissa) have been meeting almost weekly to ensure that the ENCV Circle's process includes diverse forums to solicit all members' voices and/or inputs and that ideas emerging from the process are captured and reflected in the group's collective output.

Thanks to the input of Circle Members, the ECNV Circle has accomplished a great deal, including:

- Created a project plan and process to guide the Circle's work (January)

- Defined Key Terms related to the Circle's work (January)

- Developed a visual representation/conceptual model of the relationship among Essence, Critical Needs, and Vision of OD (February)

- Finalized a first draft Circle output (a one-pager) for the Essence of OD (March)

- Started developing and refining the Critical Needs and Opportunities for OD in the world (April)

In the months to come, the ECNV Circle aims to:

Develop a working Vision of OD (May) Present its initial draft outputs to Circle Members for feedback as a full set (June)

If you have any questions, please reach out to Olga Blouch, Chris Cotten or Melissa Nunez.

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