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Values for the Future Circle of Work Update

Since meeting during the 2nd OD Gathering in December 2018, the OD Circle of Work: Values for the Future designed a Delphi survey study. The goal of the study is to gain consensus on OD values labels, descriptions, and behavioral indicators from a diverse group of OD practitioners and researchers from around the world. Currently, the study design is under IRB review. We plan to distribute the recruitment survey in mid-May to OD professional society members and to OD Gathering attendees. We would love for attendees interested in participating to take the survey and share the link with anyone else that may be interested in participating. We aim to recruit 50 people to participate in all 3 rounds of the Delphi survey. We look forward to sharing the final list with the OD gathering attendees by October. 

Circle Leaders: Sasha Farley and Hyung Joon Yoon

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