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Competencies Circle of Work Update

Following from the hard work of the original breakout group at the 2018 OD Gathering, the Competencies Circle of Work has conducted several Zoom sessions with the entire group, as well as other calls among the five members of the lead team. Early in the process it was decided to focus on four key elements to complete our working group charge: MEGA future trends (especially those impacting OD practice); The State of OD related to competencies; Our list of competencies; and Identifying the Audience(s) for this work. To date, the effort has been spent on delineating and discussing the MEGA future trends, as we believe they provide critical context for competencies that will be needed over the next 5-10 years. We are also beginning with the six competencies that were defined at the 2018 Gathering, though we are open to the new directions or modifications that our shared dialogue and review of other work may move us towards as we continue with regular conversations and continued engagement with relevant literature over the next several months. To close, those six competencies that we are still working with are as follows: strategic acumen; skilled facilitation; emotional, social and cultural fluency; enhanced use of self; integrated cross-disciplinary approach; and trusted advisor. 

Circle Leaders: Todd Matthews, Lynette Buitt, Kendra Coleman, Larry Kokkelenberg

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